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Site Restoration and Remediation - Earthwork Industries Inc
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Site Remediation and Restoration
Earthwork Industries Inc. specializes in site remediation projects. Each remediation project is assigned a Project Manager and a Site Supervisor. The Project Manager coordinates with the client and the environmental consulting firm to prepare a comprehensive plan for remediation activities. A Site Supervisor is assigned to complete the approved work plan and oversee the daily site activities. Field personnel are trained and OSHA certified to complete each work assignment. .

Earthwork Industries Inc. owns, operates and maintains our own fleet of specialized excavation equipment. All of our field personnel are HAZWOPER OSHA 40 Hour trained and licensed for the operation of heavy equipment.

Site Remediation Highlights:

  • Contaminated soil waste characterization and profiling for selection of the appropriate disposal or recycling facility.
  • Site preparation; Engineered environmental and erosion controls
  • Soil excavation, segregation and stockpiling
  • Soil load out, removal and disposal/recycling
  • Complete site restoration including backfill, compaction, and required surface restoration.
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) cleaning and removal - IFCI Certified

We have a proven track record of handling complex requirements such as dewatering, and on-site treatment of impacted groundwater during excavation activities, design and installation of shoring for excavation support.