Site Remediation and Restoration
Site Remediation and Restoration
Remediation System Installations
Sub Slab Depression Systems
Remediation System Maintenance
Groundwater Management and Treatment
Tank Cleaning, Removal and Closure
Contamination Soil Management
Site Remediation and Restoration
Wetland Remediation and Restoration
Monitoring Well Road Box Repairs
Septic Systems Constructed and Repaired
Title 5 Septic System Inspections
Innovative and Alternative Septic Systems
Perc-Test Excavations
Sewere Connections, Licensed Drain Layer
Septic Pumping and Disposal
General Site Work and Improvements
Drain System Installations
Dump Truck Services
Pipe Camera - Color Monitor/Recorder & Line Locator
Ground Thawing Equipment and Snow Management
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Earthwork Industries Inc. provides professional environmental remediation services specializing in remediation system installations, soil excavation, transportation & disposal of contaminated soils, and site restoration.

In addition, Earthwork Industries provides residential and commercial septic systems with the capabilities of completing complex innovative/alternative systems as specified for environmentally sensitive areas.

With these capabilities we also self perform general site work, including drainage systems, wetland restoration, demolition, sewer and water connections.

Earthwork IndustriesWe are located in Plainville, Massachusetts. We service all of
New England and have completed projects in New York, New Jersey and even the US Virgin Islands.

Earthwork Industries is committed to providing professional environmental remediation services. We work closely with our clients to come up with the best solutions for each project.

All projects are managed with care from start to finish. We pay attention to details and keep the client’s goals and budget in mind. A project manager is assigned to each job to ensure the lines of communication stay open between the client, engineer and field personnel. This allows each project to run efficiently and as planned.

Safety is a top priority at Earthwork Industries. All employees are OSHA certified to minimize job-site hazards, a corporate plan has been established as a guideline for job-site safety, and site specific health/safety plans are developed for projects as required. For each job a daily safety analysis is performed by field personnel during tailgate meetings. Also, Earthwork Industries works closely with their clients to comply with their specific health/safety programs and requirements.